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Canada is one of the top immigrant receiving countries in the world. With a number of accolades about its richness, peacefulness and quality of life, one is not surprised to see a stampede of people from all over the world trying to reach this country for better opportunities all these years.

The history of immigration in Canada has been a long saga of changing hands between the natives, the fourteenth century European explorers, traders, settlers, political missionaries of later years and finally the modern time economic immigrants and refugees.

During the millennia long evolution of immigration dynamics in this country, policies, rules and the scope transformed from those of the original “white settler” schemes to those of the present day universal acceptance programs welcoming people of all races and religions from all over the world. Multiculturalism has been embraced by the Canadian people and everyone lives with pride in Canada.

As hundreds of thousands of immigrants, refugees, temporary workers, visitors, and students from foreign countries throng the Canadian ports of entry every year, gullible immigrants from many countries often fall victims to illegal practices of unscrupulous immigration consultants/agents and human traffickers. Taking stock of this, Canadian government created the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) in 2011 to regulate the profession of immigration consulting. Today, no unlicensed consultant can act as a paid representative of yours anymore. You are in safe hands when your case is handled by an ICCRC licensed consultant like us.

Welcome to our site where you start your safe journey to Canada! WiseWorld is appreciative of Canada’s economic needs vis-à-vis the aspirations of the millions in other countries who want to immigrate to this country of opportunities. In the end, our organization fully understands its mandate of making every deal a fair and smooth one. That’s the essence of our business with you.

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