Frequently Asked Questions

A. Is WiseWorld a charitable organization to help immigrants and international students?

No. WiseWorld is a business organization. It provides consulting service to refugee claimants, aspiring immigrants and international students dealing with Canadian immigration system for fees. Our activities are not funded by any grant maker organization. We sustain our mission in a business mode with an element of social service. We are always attentive to the unique personal need of our clients.

B. Who are considered authorized immigration consultants?

Canadian Federal law requires that immigration consultants, in Canada or abroad, who provide Canadian immigration services for a fee, must be registered with the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) and accredited as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

C. How do I check if a person is an authorized consultant?

You can look up the directory of authorized consultants at ICCRC website for the name and the RCIC# of the consultant. All our consultants are licensed by the Canadian authority.

D. I am jobless in my country. I will accept any job in Canada. Can you get me a visa?

We wish we could! But, our service is confined to the current immigration programs of Canada. You should qualify for one of the many categories of immigrants of the Government of Canada. The categories and the qualifying parameters change from time to time. Ask for our FREE ASSESSMENT.

E. I want to study in Canada. Can you guarantee that my Canadian qualification will get me a job?

Canadian education adds one of the most internationally respected credentials to your qualifications. Study in Canada gives you a precious gestation time for understanding Canadian employment market, workplace culture and social system. All these increase your employability in Canada manifold. However, we cannot give you job guarantee since this relates to your own competency and the employers’ rating of you against other candidates.

F. I want to immigrate to Canada by leaving my present job. Can you guarantee that I will settle with a similar job in Canada?

Canadian employment market is better than that of almost all developing and many developed countries. Its economy is backed by a huge pool of natural resources and an excellent economic system that passed the tests of the great recession periods in the past. Again the government has an excellent support system for helping new immigrants to settle in their new country. We are pretty sure that you will get employment. However, we cannot guarantee you a job since recruiting is not within our scope of business. WiseWorld will fully equip you with necessary information about freely available initial helps before your arrival in Canada. 

G. Will you refund my fees if my application fails?
WiseWorld believes in true service. Hence, we promise full refund of our consulting fees without government fees, agent service fee (if any) and disbursement expenses charged if the application fails. It does not apply to failures due to:
1.       Unforeseen changes in Canadian government immigration program/rules
2.       Refusal on medical ground of the candidate
3.       Wrong/incorrect/insufficient personal information provided by the client
4.       Force majeure (e.g. acts of God or war etc.)
Note: This scheme is applicable only to the cases of Study Permit, CEC and FSWP.
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