Canada receives immigrants from all over the world irrespective of race, religion and culture to meet the labour demands of its huge economy backed by enormous natural resources. It also receives immigrants as refugees from other disturbed areas of the world to fulfill its international commitments under the UN to provide safe haven to people either displaced by war or persecuted in their own countries. Canada accepts about 250,000 foreigners with permanent resident visa, 300,000 with temporary work permit and 100,000 with study permit in a typical year. The same annual intake for permanent resident is predicted for the next 30 years or so.

After centuries of receiving immigrants under constantly evolving immigration policies and rules, Canada has meticulously crafted immigration procedures to handle a multitude of diversified cases thrown upon the immigration officers by the applicants in myriad situations all over the world. A pile of options about going to Canada and their associated procedures are available. Choosing the right option and/or the right procedure determines the success or failure of an application. Successful applicants are those who skillfully tailored their applications to these varied and complex procedures.

This is why the Canadian Government, in spite of making all arrangements for self- applications, enforces stringent regulations in immigration practice requiring only trained and certified professionals to represent immigrants in applying for immigration visa. In an effort to ensure delivery of quality service to the teeming population of potential immigrants worldwide, Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the nodal government department puts a serious warning that applications submitted by applicants represented by unlicensed agents/consultants shall not be entertained.

WiseWorld gives professional services to intending immigrants, temporary workers and international students who want to file their applications from outside or inside Canada. WiseWorld believes in professionalism and fairness of business. Our practice involving a network of international agents in various parts of the world underscores an attitude towards addressing the needs of clients with a personal touch. We build our business on this philosophy.

The Practice:

WiseWorld provides professional consultancy to clients in all categories of Canadian visa and permits under the prevailing policies, laws, bylaws, rules and regulations of organizations like Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB), Employment and Social Development Canada (EDSC), Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and various other departments. Many of our cases may be dealt within the ambit of numerous intergovernmental agreements and varied programs of the provincial governments.

Our authorized agents located in various countries form an integral part of our practice. Their works strictly conform to WiseWorld ethics.

WiseWorld Ethics:

WiseWorld has a duty to provide immigration services honourably, and to discharge all responsibilities to clients, government agencies, the Board, colleagues, the public and others affected in the course of its practice with integrity. It has a privileged role to play in maintaining the integrity of Canada’s immigration system and the administration of justice. It always endeavors to uphold the rule of law and acts at all times honestly and in good faith towards clients and immigration officials.

WiseWorld expects its agents to upkeep this role by way of maintaining high professionalism in their dealings with potential clients.


WiseWorld assumes the responsibilities of:
• giving professional legal advice to clients
• assisting clients in choosing the right options
• filing professionally prepared applications for clients
• representing clients at tribunal hearings
• referring clients to other firms for appropriate advice when required
• supporting and supervising agents in their practice

Our agents:
• represent WiseWorld in furtherance of its practice
• solicit or facilitate business for WiseWorld’s practice
• will not contravene law by providing immigration advice to clients for a fee
• will not guarantee visa to any client
• will not collect any portion of the fees or other charges related to the case handled by WiseWorld. However, our agents can charge clients for other services rendered exclusively by them.

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