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A brand new immigration program has been launched by Canada, w.e.f. January 01, 2015 with a system integrating employment market demand in Canada and the employability of immigration applicants in a point score based selection system. The application process goes into two steps:
Step 1: Personal profile submission.
Step 2: Filing of the main application on receipt of invitation from the Canadian government.
The application processing time will be 6 months or less in 80% of the cases.

Express Entry Program will encompass the following programs:
1. Federal Skilled Workers Program
2. Federal Skilled Trades Program
3. Canadian Experience Class
4. Provincial Nominee Program


A1. Federal Skilled Workers:

This program is designed for educated, skilled and experienced professionals with at least one year’s work experience before application for visa. To know if you are qualified, please click here.

A2. Federal Skilled Trades Program:

It is designed for technical workers with lower education level and at least two years of experience mostly in blue collar employment sector. This is an employer driven program in which foreign workers can apply for work permit after securing job offer from Canadian employers. 

A3. Quebec-selected skilled workers:

This program is for immigrants who opt to make the Province of Quebec their destination for various reasons like French language and other socio-economic attractions. Applications are routed through a different procedure under Canada-Quebec Agreement.

A4. Canadian Experience Class:

This program is for those who earned some work experience inside Canada before applying for permanent resident visa. Most applicants in this category are foreign students and workers who enter Canada on Temporary Work Permit.

A5. Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed:

Business people with money to invest or start business in Canada are welcomed under this program. Artists and sports performers at the national and international levels are also eligible to immigrate to Canada under the self-employed class.

A6. Family sponsorship:

Immigrants already in Canada can bring their immediate family members to Canada under this program.

A7. Provincial nominees:

Many provinces in Canada compete with each other to bring immigrants to meet their demands. In this way, they offer attractive packages and fast-tract procedures to immigrants who meet the eligibility conditions set by these provinces. To see the list of provinces currently under this program and their locations, please click here.

A8. Live-in caregivers:

Canadian families employ female workers with trainings in either nursing or personal support worker for attending to old age family members, disables and young children by living in the house when able members go to work.

A9. Refugees:

People from troubled regions of the world who need a safe haven away from their parent country are accepted by Canada under international as well as its own humanitarian commitments. Immigrants under this category are accepted when their claims filed inside Canada are successful.


B1. Temporary Work Permit:

For foreign workers who want to work in Canada for a specified period of time without permanent residency status. We arrange the permits when job offers are secured from Canadian employers with or without the requirement of LMO (Labour Market Opinion).

The Temporary worker’s spouse and children are allowed to come to Canada with the possibilities of their work/study in Canada. For more information from us, please click here.

B2. Study Permit:

We provide consultancy to international students in finding academic institutions and study courses, securing admissions and applying for study permits. We use our extensive database on study programs in all levels of post-secondary education in Canada and the employment market in advising study programs most appropriate to the client vis-à-vis his or her credentials.
The student’s spouse and children are allowed to come to Canada with the possibilities of their work/study in Canada. For more information from us, please click here.

B3. Super Visa:

We can help parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents that are still abroad to secure a multiple entry visa for ten years for their greater freedom to visit or to stay with their children/grandchildren in Canada.

B4. Visitor Visa:

Foreigners are required to have a convincing reason to win a visa for temporary visit to Canada. It is not a nice experience to face last minute visa denials after months long planning of a trip. We help foreign visitors in preparing the necessary documents specific to situations.


Our consultants take care of clients in dire situations like:
- Detention
- Out of Status in the country
- Temporary visa/permit extension
- Citizenship applications
- PR Card renewal etc.

WiseWorld examines the uniqueness of each client and advise the right category he or she fits in and professionally prepare applications when its service is retained by the client.

WiseWorld accepts a client only when the client stands a very high chance of success. However, we do not guarantee visa nor do we promise jobs as these are in the hands of the Canadian government and the Canadian employers respectively.

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