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WiseWorld was launched as a business inspired by the idea of helping people from less advantaged regions of the world looking towards Canada for an opportunity to brighten their lives availing of the abundant resources and employment available in the country. Some of them come to Canada offering their professional skills and loyal service to their new country while others come to seek refuge as they escape from difficult situations in their own countries. There are still more who have to come to Canada to join families already in Canada ending their geographic and emotional separations. Most of them need compassionate and professional assistance before and after they actually land in Canada. We are a team of certified immigration practitioners who fully understand the needs of whosoever that comes to Canada in any category at any stage right from planning to landing.

Going to a foreign country to start life afresh in an alien culture and system, to study in a different educational system and to work in a new environment all involves bold decisions and careful planning. It is hardly possible for a foreigner to understand the plethora of rules and regulations governing the vast array of immigration corridors, employment market and academic programs in Canada in spite of the fact that tons of information are provided at countless internet websites in the present world. Only the certified practitioners who have received organized education in these matters and have earned the practice license through rigorous licensing process are competent to professionally help the newcomers.

Our mission statement therefore is:

To walk immigrants, refugees, foreign temporary workers and international students through the maze of procedures under Canadian law with professional representation and caring assistance till they gain residence status in Canada.

This commitment demands a high passion for social service meticulously tailored to a sustaining business. We at WiseWorld have pride in donning ourselves with this quality. We are exceptionally approachable and are attentive to our clients and so, we never fail to deliver.

We endeavor to provide the end to end service package to our clients working with a wide network of agencies in a number of countries.

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